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Start up loans for small business

  • Okily Dokily, so I want to start a small business which I know will be successful however the start up costs (website design, logo, branding, registrations, advertising) is a little out of my immediate league. So I want to approach a bank but have no idea what I will need to take or have available for them to even consider it - or is there another government funded institutes that have funding available?
  • Asked by Samdyljor (almost 3 years ago)
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  • Hi there,

    One of the things you'll definitely need to have to approach any bank, government organisation or private investor about start-up capital is a business plan.

    Once you have your business plan, there are a number of options for you. Go to the Australian Government's Business Website. This has endless information about government funding and resources that are available to small business owners. 

    You can compare business loans on Mozo. There are secured and unsecured loans so depending on whether you have any other assets you may qualify for a standard business loan. Some banks like NAB have microenterprise loans which range from as little as $500 to $20,000.

    Try also connecting with some of small business communties like Flying Solo or startupsmart as they often have info about how to get started and funded.

    Good luck.

    Team Mozo
  • Answered by Mozo (almost 3 years ago)
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