rewards credit cards

  • Who doesn't love some cold, hard cash for their credit spend? With cashback rewards credit cards rewards points are converted into cash rather than flights or products so you get to choose how and when to reward yourself.

  • How do cashback rewards cards work?

    Cashback cards work in the same way as other rewards credit cards. For every dollar you spend you earn rewards points and then those points are redeemed for cash. Some cashback cards will issue a cash voucher or credit a cash amount back to the account. For more info read our handy guide cashback credit cards unveiled.

  • How do I compare cashback rewards cards?

    Simple. Mozo has developed the Rewards Revealer tool which does this for you in seconds. Not only does this amazing tool show you which rewards credit cards will offer the best cashback rewards, it sorts them based on your own annual credit card spend so you can be sure you're getting the best deal.

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  • We compare 114 rewards cards from 38 banks

  • We update rewards credit card information on our site daily

  • You should select a rewards card based on your annual spend

    • NAB flybuys Rewards Card
      • Experts Choice 2014 Winner Best Premium Credit Card
      • Earn 1 flybuys point for every $1 you spend on your everyday purchases
      • 0% p.a on purchases for the first 12 months
    • points per $ spent

      1 point per dollar on Visa, up to $100,000 per month

    • spend req $100 reward*

    • annual fees


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