1 in 4 part-time workers want more work.

A new survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that 27 percent of young Australian part time workers would like to be working more hours to help contribute to their bank accounts.

1 in 4 part-time workers between the age of 15 - 24 want to be working more hours. Of those underemployed, 730,900 held part time jobs in September and 53,000 were full timers who were doing less than 35 hours a week because there was not enough work. Almost 345,000 were actively seeking more work.

"The most commonly reported reason underemployed workers gave for not finding work with more hours was that there were no vacancies in their line of work. This is most common for both men and women," said Bureau of Statistics spokeswomen Cassandra Gligora.

Although many young Australians are not finding as much work as they require, improving financial literacy and developing disciplined personal finance habits such as reducing credit card debt and selecting savings accounts and bank accounts with the best interest rates and lowest fees could dramatically help to improve an individuals personal financial situation.

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