Android users at most risk to bank account trojans.

Android users are the most susceptible of all smartphone users to Malware attacks, putting their passwords, personal details and bank accounts at risk.

In fact, Androids received a staggering 79 percent of all smart phone attacks, massively outpacing its market share compared to Apple's IOS, Blackberry and Windows operated mobiles, who all receive less than 1 percent of all mobile phone infections, according to Finland's security firm F-Secure.

"Every quarter, malware authors bring forth new threats families and variants to lure more victims and to update existing ones," the F-Secure quarterly report said.

The most common threat comes from downloads masquerading as well known applications, ranging from popular games to social media platforms. These applications appear to be legitimate, the only clue being the excessive permission they request from users.

Once on the device they can access a user's credit card information, buy into costly subscriptions but most worryingly, trojan horses that can access users bank details.

According to, last year a trojan called Eurograbber pocketed thieves an easy $47 million off of unsuspecting European smart phone users.

When it comes to keeping your bank account and credit card information secure, apply the same common sense and caution that would be used with real world transactions. Be wary of who you are providing your details to, be sure the app you are downloading is from the original developer, never give your password to anyone other than your banks secure login and keep your mobile's security protection up to date with regular software updates.

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