New Australian Cyber Security Centre

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised a new world class Australian Cyber Security Centre to be available by the end of the year, reminding Australians to be proactive in their own cyber threat precautions by securing bank account details and credit card information.

The new centre will bring together a number of departments with cyber security capabilities for the purpose of protecting Australians against cyber attacks. Housing ASIO, the Attorney General's Department, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission under one roof, Ms Gillard stated that protecting networks in government and the private sector would be top priority for the new centre. Ms Gillard said "Malicious cyber activity will likely be with us for many decades to come, so we must be prepared for a long, persistant fight.

Cyber security incidents in Australia had an increase of 42% in the last two years and it is expected that with the roll out of the National Broadband Network, the percentage of incidents is set to rise. The government has committed $1.46 billion up until 2020, for the protection of the nation's more sensitive networks.

With the warning of a long and persistant fight against cyber security threat, Australian's should be taking the necessary precautions to protect their own individual privacy and securing details to information such as bank accounts and credit cards.

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