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  • This week in banking - Term deposits continue to drop

    Friday 18 January 2019

    Banking recap original

    A number of trends from last year have continued into January, including several changes which gesture towards an upcoming decision by the RBA.

  • New dispute resolution body AFCA launches after Banking Royal Commission

    Thursday 01 November 2018

    Afca launches financial dispute body original

    In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, Aussie shoppers and small businesses now have another avenue for resolving financial disputes, with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) open for business from today.

  • May financial wrap up

    Friday 01 June 2018

    May wrap final original

    May wasn’t just any ordinary month when it came to covering finance news over here at Mozo.

  • April financial wrap up

    Tuesday 01 May 2018

    April wrap final original

    The Banking Royal Commission loomed large over April with a host of Australia’s biggest banks put through the wringer, but, believe it or not, there was a bunch of other finance news that hit the headlines.

  • March financial wrap up

    Thursday 29 March 2018

    March financial wrap final original

    The third month of the year certainly was a busy one when it comes to money matters. The Banking Royal Commission kicked off its first round of public hearings, the big boys moved on home loan rates and we launched the latest edition of our prestigious Experts Choice Awards.

  • February financial wrap up

    Thursday 01 March 2018

    February financial wrap up original

    Another Aussie summer comes to a close with an outrageous amount of consumer news crammed into just 28 days over the last month.

  • January financial wrap up

    Thursday 01 February 2018

    Jan wrap final original

    You might not have been paying attention during the first month of 2018 and who could blame you - there were beaches to get to, bevvies that needed drinking and books that simply had to be read.

  • November financial wrap up

    Friday 01 December 2017

    November wrap final original

    With just one month left until the new year ticks over and even less until Santa climbs down the chimney, Aussies might have taken their eyes off the big headlines to come from November. But fear not, we’ve wrapped up the month’s money must-knows, bow and all, so that you can head into, what is sure to be a busy December, financially prepared.

  • October financial wrap up

    Wednesday 01 November 2017

    October wrap up final original

    There’s under two months to Christmas and boy can we tell. Headlining this month’s financial news was a couple of big credit card launches as the banks make a play for your business before the festive season, a host of banking innovations to keep the tech heads happy and of course, energy news as we head into our warmest months.

  • UBS says: one in three Aussies don’t understand their interest-only home loan

    Friday 06 October 2017

    Interest only confused original

    When you think about the terms and conditions on your mortgage, do you draw a blank? You’re not alone. According to UBS analysts, 1 in 3 Aussies don’t understand their interest-only home loan, unintentionally placing themselves in “substantial” stress once the repayment amount rises.