Welcome to the first Mozo blog!

Mozo is here to help Australians navigate the money maze, and our public journey begins today.

After the traditional nine months of incubation, we’re ready to give birth. So today we have unveiled our baby for the first time outside the walls of our Surry Hills office.

As our site is only a baby, it is likely to have teething problems! So as our first foray out into the real world we’ve invited our family and friends to check out the site and give us all their feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly. Once we’ve spent a few weeks ironing out the kinks from all that we’ll open the door to everyone else.

Of course while our public journey starts today, the Mozo history goes back a little further.

It all started because I think that too many of us put up with bad deals from our financial providers because it is just too damn hard to do anything about it. We know we should, but we just don’t act. So in early 2007 I decided to do something about it. The initial idea for Mozo was born, and since then we have set about putting together all the pieces to make it a reality.

Our vision for Mozo is to empower Australians by giving them everything they need to find and select the best financial products, all from the comfort of their own lounge room. In doing so we will become the best way for financial providers to connect with new customers, thereby creating the Mozo marketplace.

So what is Mozo exactly? Well Mozo is short for Money Zone, and that’s what we intend to be, a zone to help people with all things money related.

So as soon as we’ve made the changes our helpful family and friends suggest, we’ll open the door to Mozo and let everyone in. See you in the money zone soon!

Welcome to the first Mozo blog! was last modified: June 12, 2012 by Rohan Gamble

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  1. many congratulations on getting to this point guys. The site is super sexy looking – I just love the whole design – and the tone / feel is just what I thought it would be and a bit more besides. Now the even harder work begins!

    Tony W


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