One Flew Over The Cash Rate

Yet another RBA announcement looms. Apparently someone (God, Galileo or the Greenwich Mean Time Monster) has organised calendar dates in an effort to inflict as much pain on borrowers as possible – seriously, how can there be so many Tuesdays in every month?

In light of this startling revelation, we thought it would be a good chance to gauge the thoughts of the mortgage community who are, unfortunately enough, staring down the barrel of 18 months of gradual pain.

To make this amazingly easy for us, The Daily Telegraph have put together a short survey around Tuesday’s meeting, which can be completed at this very clickable green link. For those of you in the community who think the Reserve Board is out of touch, or would like to pen an imaginary message to RBA overlord Glenn Stevens, then you will find this a convenient, interwebs based soap box.

So despite the cash rate reaching 50 year lows, and staying that way almost long enough for even the most indecisive property owner to fix a pretty special rate, the Monetary powers that be are again falling back on their old tools. Now it appears people must brace themselves for a good, healthy dose of monthly electroshock therapy. Let’s just hope it ends better than it did for Jack Nicholson.

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One Flew Over The Cash Rate was last modified: June 29, 2015 by Andrew Burger

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