So many vices, so little time

It’s not yet been a week since Mozo’s VICE Presidential race kicked off, and already Australians have confessed to a quarter of a billion dollars worth of spending sins. Who knew you were all so profligate?

Well, we kinda suspected…

But the big surprise has been the vices themselves, with Gadgets taking the lead on $77 million, closely followed by Shoes & Clothes.

Seems we’re a nation of chic geeks.

So what ever happened to the party-hard Aussie yobbo? After a strong start, Booze has drooped to a groggy $15m, and Ciggies are only coughing up $4.5m.

Of course, it’s early days yet, and having stepped over more than one xmas reveller on the way to work this morning, Mozo thinks there are a few sinners holding out on us…

So pop an aspirin and join the race to become Australia’s first VICE President.

That five grand – and limitless kudos – could be yours!

So many vices, so little time was last modified: June 14, 2012 by Andrew Burger

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  1. I think get rich schemes and the lure of the sure thing on the stockmarket are Aussies biggest vice, come on you know youv’e put money into something that just hasn’t paid off. Booze and Ciggies just mask the stress the losses cause, get into and put your money into a sure thing

  2. Just put in a solar hot water Martina and have to agree we need to stop and think. Kids doing Clean Up Australia day, great info, it’s mozovation to kick these vices


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