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rate of originState against State. Mate against Mate. It’s a line that epitomises rugby league’s annual showcase of interstate rivalry, underscoring the passion and pride on display between the NSW cockroaches and the cane toads from Queensland. With rugby league’s annual State of Origin series now decided, it’s time to bring back the financial biff and pit the states head on!

Since Origin is about representing your state, community and people, we’ve decided to use what consumers have said about their banks hailing from each particular state to create an overall picture. So using the 30,000 bank reviews you’ve submitted, it’s time for Mozo’s annual ‘Rate of Origin’. State against state. Rate against rate.

With 7371 reviews behind them and big players like Westpac, Macquarie and St.George as well as no less than 4 credit unions on our list of the top 10 Australian banks in the side, NSW comes in as strong favourites. As always, Queensland are the underdogs, conceding a significant numerical advantage in both number of reviews (2416) and number of providers (10 to NSW’s 15). They’re led by Queensland stalwarts like Suncorp, Bank of Queensland and their sole representative in our top 10, CUA.

With the NSW camp already shattered and in turmoil after losing their fifth straight origin series, it will come as another body blow to the state and their footballers that NSW is getting dusted not only on the field but also in their wallets. NSW banks put up a solid if unspectacular average overall rating of 6.91, led by strong performances by Teachers Credit Union and the Greater Building Society. However, with old hands Suncorp and Bank of Queensland ably steering them round the park and strong efforts from CUA and Heritage Building Society, the banana benders have stormed home with an overall rating of 7.34 to claim the Origin title.

The real difference between the sides was the abject performance of Westpac, whose rating of 6.7 was the catalyst to NSW’s demise. If you remove Westpac from the equation, NSW’s rating rises to 7.25, a mere drop goal away from victory. NSW will be looking for Westpac to pick up their game over the next year to avoid the pain and humiliation of another Rate of Origin defeat.

So as the dust settles and the xxxx’s are cracked in bank head offices around Brisbane and wider Queensland after another fiery clash between these two interstate rivals, I implore all Origin fans out there to get behind your state and rate your bank to give your state a shot at Origin glory next year!

Rate of Origin was last modified: June 29, 2015 by Yash Murthy

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  1. Who’s refereeing this contest? Counting Westpac as a NSW bank, even though they are a national provider? The Queensland banks are smaller outfits, which always have better customer service ratings. Sensing some canetoadesque foul play down at Mozo.

    1. Mozo

      Thanks for the comment Sam. Westpac were counted as a NSW bank because they were founded as the “Bank of New South Wales” and have been headquartered in Sydney since their inception (nearly 200 years ago). Conversely, Suncorp and Bank of Queensland operate interstate, but are from and remain based in QLD, hence are counted as QLD providers.

  2. maybe if we could get an independant administrator running the game instead of the current busted arse organisation we would see some real lasting change for the benefit of the all involved (most importantly the fans).


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