The 2010 Mozo People’s Choice Awards Infographic

The 2010 Mozo People’s Choice Awards Infographic

We reveal some very interesting facts behind the Mozo People’s Choice Awards…

Check out the winners podium  Mozo People’s Choice Awards 2010

mozo peoples choice awards infographic 2010

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<p>Made by Mozo. Designed by Paul Higgins.</p>

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The 2010 Mozo People’s Choice Awards Infographic was last modified: June 29, 2015 by Mozo

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  1. Fabulous job. It is great to see what consumers think of the banking section and not just what those in industry think matters. Love the idea of the most of used words graphic! Keep up the great service Mozo, that you provide to the community through reviews and ratings of course. Cheers!

  2. I have been with ING DIRECT FOR OVER 6YRS.
    Since late last year, rates for the existing customers are very noncompetitive.

    For the first few months, new customers will benefit most from the rates. After that rates will freely plummet downhill. I highly doubt ING deserved the 1st ranking !!!!!!!
    Get real !!!!

    1. Mozo

      RaboDirect and UBank did come in a very close 2nd and 3rd in the People’s Choice Awards best bank category – maybe next year they’ll out rank ING? But regardless, its not what we (mozo) think that determines the results of the People’s Choice Awards, its what real bank customers think of their bank.


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