Banking Reform Poll

Treasurer Wayne Swan recently announced a suite of banking reforms geared at increasing competition in the Australian finance industry.

For more details on the reforms, visit the Mozo Bank Reform page.


The poll is now closed – thanks to all who took part.

Banking Reform Poll was last modified: June 29, 2015 by Mozo

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  1. The reforms that W.Swan put up were already in place with exit fees ,we should look at the USA how they fund homes with out the family loosing everything if one looses a job,or a critical medical problem also I believe that repayments on housing loans in the USA are tax deductable

  2. Banks should pay interest on all deposits however small it is with no account fees charged. They make money out of our deposits why should we pay them for doing this? Personal loan interest is about 15%why should monthly account fees be paid? Why should the loan set up fees be paid when the banks are charging 15% interest and pay us 5% for our deposits of 5000 and more. We are not paid fees for making a big deposit. Credit card are charged about 15 to 21% interest why should we pay annual fees for the credit card? Banks were allowed to charge annual fees provided they reduced the interest charged. Now that they are not regulated they are imposing fees on every transaction they can come up with and able to get away with it.All bank Fees should be regulated as it is cheating in disguise.

  3. Good on you Mozo for the poll. Big banks need to be held accountable for their actions. The economy is suffering enough at the moment, the big banks are continually greed. And greed shall inherit the world.

  4. Nothing really changed. The problem with the banks is the control they have.
    They are not accountable for their actions and can do as they please. Try and work out a complaint with them. If you do