Business banking: who’s got the biggest package?

Business banking: who’s got the biggest package?

When you’re setting up a small business or looking to switch banks, you’ll want two things from your financial institution: convenience and affordability. So you might think banks everywhere would be offering up competitive package deals on a suite of business products to service the time poor, cash-flow-starved start-up market. Not to mention the time-poor, expense-averse small business market looking for a better deal.

You’d be wrong.

This week we launched a business banking section on Mozo – detailing all the business loans, business credit cards and business bank accounts on offer. And we’ve been surprised to discover that of the Big Four banks only ANZ offers an online business package that rolls various products into one deal – and one monthly fee of $32 + GST. This gets you a transaction account and a range of extras such as a savings account, payment account, credit card and merchant services.

The catch is that other fees and charges may apply – for example, on terminal rental, which still attracts half the usual monthly rental fee. So by paying “one simple monthly package fee” you don’t necessarily avoid a slew of complicated monthly fees.

Westpac is happy enough to bundle services under its “Business Foundations” package, which marries a transaction account with two additional products and saves you “up to $1,100”. But again, you’re looking at a variety of different fees and charges – and you’ll have to choose between credit cards, a savings account and a business loan.

The catch this time round is that your potential discount of $1,100 is made up of savings such as “a 25% discount off Financial Management Workshop 101” – worth $225. Another way of looking at this is an additional cost of $665 for said workshop.

Commonwealth Bank and NAB offer all the same individual products, and a similarly complicated set of calculations to figure out which bank has the most competitive package overall. And challenger brands – such as Bankwest business accounts or the St.George BizPack – make it equally difficult to estimate the total cost of running a few perfectly standard accounts.

It’s the same old bank game of burying fees in incomprehensibility. But stay tuned: Mozo is set to unpick the fine print to find out which banks have the best business deals.

Do you have a business banking question? Ask the gurus on Mozo Answers, our super new Q&A forum.


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