Sale-tastic plastic! Bonus perks of credit card purchase price protection

Guest Blog: Kylie Ofiu

Many of you are undoubtedly aware of credit card purchase protection. I know not everyone has it, but when you look at what is on offer from some of the companies now it can be well worth it.

Traditionally credit card purchase protection has only really covered you if goods were lost or stolen in a set time frame, but now there are so many more features included, such as price protection, and some even offer it for free with the card.

What kind of features and why should you bother?

What if you could be guaranteed to never miss out on a sale? No matter what, you will always get the best price on an item. How? Well there are some cards now which allow you to claim back the difference in price if you purchase an item for a certain price than see it on sale later, sometimes for just 1 -3 weeks after, sometimes much longer.

For example, you purchase some swimmers at David Jones, then the next week you see the exact swimmers on sale for $50 less. You contact your credit card company, use the credit card purchase protection and you get refunded the $50! How amazing is that? Even if there was a small monthly fee for it, as is the case with some cards, it would still be worth it.

Even larger items like washing machines are included which means you could save hundreds of dollars by paying with your credit card and keeping an eye out to see if what you bought goes on sale later.

What is even better is it’s all done online and as long as you are keeping track of your finances, what you buy and how much you pay, it will be easy to use your credit card to make your money work hard for you.


Some of the credit cards offering shopper’s purchase protection include:

  • Bankwest Breeze MasterCard – claim the difference if you buy goods within 21 days. Also available with Breeze Gold and Breeze Platinum cards.
  • GEM Visa Card has an optional insurance cover. The premium is just 1% of the monthly closing balance (capped at $50).
  • NAB Gold Card – complimentary price protection insurance . Get reimbursed the difference between the price you paid for a new item and a lower printed advertised price for the same item.
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