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  1. Can you address the topic of superannuation again please. This is a sore point for a lot of lower income earners at the moment. I have been unable to find a site where I can lobby against superannuation. I am a low income earner but I am not of low intellect. It seems that the super funds are making the asumption that low income earner don’t have the brains to read or add up their fees. I have a lot to say on the matter, in short it is the biggest con out there. I am very well informed on all facets of the industry, but it boils down to one thing, people are loosing their money. The government are making money, the industry is making money, we as low income earners are not. After 7 years of super investments I am down $22.36 against my earnings after fees and taxes. That money forms part of my income, it should be mine to decide where I want it to go.