Buy Nothing New Month Week 1: The Battlelines Are Drawn

Buy Nothing New Month Week 1: The Battlelines Are Drawn

The Challenge

Here’s a recap. Last week I pledged to buy nothing new during the month of October.

I didn’t just do this for fun, surprisingly. This mammoth personal challenge is part of Buy Nothing New Month, a global movement which aims to reduce consumption and raise awareness of the finite nature of the Earth’s resources, all while helping folk stick to their budgets along the way.

So, how have I done so far? Pretty damn well, thanks for asking. Here’s a rundown of this week’s epic battles against consumerism, waste and excess.

The Bag

I have a beautiful brown leather bag. I love this bag. I take it everywhere. It’s massive, and it needs to be because I regularly pack it full to the brim with stuff. We’re talking textbooks, drink bottles, pieces of (hardy) fruit, wallets, make-up and stray teabags. This bag contains my life.

But this week, tragedy struck my beautiful brown bag. After many months of lugging my heavy, sharp and bulky stuff around, its straps frayed quite suddenly, and then broke, leaving me suddenly bereft of a life-receptacle and grieving the loss of my prized possession (yeah, there was crying involved).

I admit, if it had been any other month I would have forked out $250 for another bag quick smart and thought nothing of it.

This month however, I’m a buy-nothing-newer, and I’m committed to fighting mindless consumerism.

So I promptly trotted my poor dead bag off to a tailor, where they agreed to sew the straps back on for a measly $40. After an overnight stay in the bag hospital, my baby was back with me, I had saved $210 bucks, and nothing new had been bought!

Georgia and Buy Nothing New Month: 1 point

Consumerism and excess: Zero

The Market

This week, Spring truly sprung, with warm days and balmy nights marking the clear end of the jeans, jumper, scarf and beanie time of the year.

My wardrobe and I found ourselves unprepared. Rummaging through my clothes on Saturday morning, there was a clear absence of any half-decent short sleeve shirts or blouses, as well as a complete lack of summer dresses.

I confess, my mind filled with thoughts of Sportsgirl’s snazzy new collection.

But I was brave. I resisted the urge. I fought back.

I raced down to my local second-hand market, and sifted through mountain after mountain of shirts and dresses. I eventually found a couple of shirts whose bright paisley and floral patterns I adored. All up, these three cute little numbers cost me a super-low $25.

A few minor alterations later, and my second-hand shirts were ready to wear; nothing new had been bought, and serious money had been saved.

Georgia and Buy Nothing New Month: 2 points

Consumerism and excess: still zero

The Phone

Confession: I own a Nokia E63. For the uninitiated, this is a bulky, awkward, heavy contraption released before iPhones became cool. It’s pretty much the daggiest phone around.

For obvious, self-conscious, Gen-Y reasons, I have been dying to upgrade the old Nokia to something far more snazzy. Specifically, I’ve been salivating over a certain HTC phone: sleek, light and thin, with a touchscreen and a bunch of incredible features that lame Nokia users like myself regularly daydream about.

To make matters worse, I was paid at the beginning of this week. After checking my account balance and doing some quick maths, I realised that, incredibly, I could finally afford to give the E63 the flick!

But as much as I yearned for the sweet sleek form of that new HTC, I couldn’t renege on my pledge to buy nothing new.

The Nokia has definitely got another few months left in it, and as a responsible consumer, I’ve decided I’m going to let it live its full life and only replace it when absolutely necessary.

Georgia and Buy Nothing New Month: 3 points

Consumerism and excess: surprisingly, still zero

So, after such a successful first week fighting consumerism and saving serious cash, I’m ready for the challenges this coming week throws at me. Stay tuned, y’all!


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