Channel your inner haggler this Christmas and save big

Channel your inner haggler this Christmas and save big

This Christmas there are bargains to be had and to snap up a great deal all you need is to channel your inner haggler. It’s time to throw out the idea that haggling makes you seem cheap, bargain hunting has never been more in vogue.

We’ve pulled together some top Christmas bargain buying tactics and got even more haggling tips from negotiating expert, Dirk Hofman, who heads up Mozo’s free Home Loan Negotiator service and haggles daily with banks to get the best deals.

1. Arm yourself with store catalogues
Knowledge is power and when it comes to retail christmas shopping, store catalogues give you a lot of bargaining power. Most major retailers (David Jones, Bunnings, Target, Dan Murphy’s etc) have price match or price guarantee policies so they will beat or match a competitor’s price if they stock the same item. All you need to do is prove it, which is why catalogues are gold dust for the seasoned haggler. You can find all the latest catalogues online at sites like Lasoo.

2. Is that the best you can do?
According to Dirk, this should be your standard line to any salesperson. There is no such thing as a fixed price (even in retail), you just have to be willing to ask. And if you can pay cash, all the better. Many retailers will offer further discounts for cash purchases.

3. Don’t limit yourself to price haggling.
“If you can’t get a price discount on the main item you want to buy, then try to negotiate for some kind of deal on extras like extended warranties or product add ons,” says Dirk.

4. Be nice.
You don’t need to play the tough guy to get the best deal. You are far more likely to get a better price if you get the salesperson to buy into your position. “Be firm but not inflexible. Tell them how much you want to pay and get them to try and meet your expectations,” Dirk advises.

5. Risk versus reward.
If you’re staring down the last Nespresso machine in the store then you need to weigh up how far you are willing to take your negotiations. How important is it that you save money on this exact item? Don’t forget that time is also money, so if you save yourself 3 hours of shopping time then it could be more valuable than getting $10 off the espresso machine.

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