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  1. The simplest way to save money is to pay yourself first.
    Take a percentage of your inccome and put it into a high interest bank account and leave it there earning interest.

    After you’ve done this for a couple of months, you don’t even miss the money.

    No thinking required after initial setup.

  2. To eat a healthy diet (especially if you are diabetic or gluten intolerant) you would be hard pushed to only spend $50.00 a week on bread, dairy, and fresh fruit & vegetables including taking your own lunch or picnic not buying it. Some weeks your bill may be more when you have to re-stock items which last several weeks or even months. My internet costs $50.00 per month and includes phone rental to which my personal emergency alarm system is connected. The fee for it is approx. $1.00 a day. Because I live in a complex which is entirely fibre optic and some services are such as phone and remote doors, if the battery contained in the fibre optic box in my garage goes flat if electricity is lost, I also have a prepaid mobile phone I can use in emergencies. Prepaid in my case is cheaper than the other method. If I don’t use all my credit and recharge it by the due date it is rolled over. I am with the same provider as some of my relatives and friends so I get a reasonable amount of free calls and texts to them. I keep my electricity and water use to a mininum. I do use my air conditioning in hot weather. My health is more important than a few dollars.


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