Who’s been winning with Mozo?

Mozo’s social media communities were buzzing throughout June when we gave our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends a few tests and challenges to earn their title as Australia’s most savvy money saving community, here’s how it all went down.


At the beginning of June, the Mozo’s homepage had a facelift. To find out what Mozonians thought of our new look, we asked them to head over Google+ and give us their opinion.

Our cheeks were blushing from all the great compliments but what we really wanted was the most insightful comment, something that would let us know if we were on the right track. And for that we liked Michael Ginsburg’s honest opinion and Erica Rebels comparison of our site (after all, we are a comparison site!) Both scored a $50 Visa gift card for their great comments. Head to our Google+ to see their answers or add one of your own!

Kids money habits discussion

Following Mozo’s appearance on the Morning show discussing money matters for kids, we decided it was time to get the mums and dads in the Mozo community talking about the fun ideas they’ve used to help teach their kids good money habits. And who better to provide the prizes than online kids clothing stores All Things Anhorahble and Zeke Unique? Here’s a snippet of the winning entries

David June 19, 2013 at 3:50 pm

“Her school banking every week is a great way to teach her the value of money, if she does what we need her to do, teeth, dirty clothes in laundry basket, keep room tidy, for the whole week without being asked more than twice then she gets a bigger amount to put in the bank”

Sara June 24, 2013 at 8:56 pm

My daughter was four and wanted a DS six years ago. She was told that if she could do extra chores and saved $150 in two months that she would have enough to buy one. She worked really hard helping out with jobs and asked for extra chores so that she could get to her goal really quickly”

See all the answers here

Pledge to end money waste.

And last but not least, Australia was bustling with the findings from mozo’s research revealing just how much money Australia wastes unnecessarily each year. After the story made the national newspapers it seemed it was good idea to get Mozonians leading the way for Australia in the movement to end money waste.

Mozo’s Twitter followers were asked to publicly pledge to put an end to their money waste and share their plans on how they intended to tackle the issue. There was a huge response and it seemed Mozonians were prepared to go to great lengths to put an end to money waste, from finding ways to end food waste to using a library instead of buying books and DVDs.

There were a number of awesome ideas but Andy Hwang had all the Mozo team thinking about signing up for cooking classes with his pledge, winning him a $200 Visa gift card prize.

Well done to all those who entered, you have truly proven yourselves as Australia’s savviest money saving community.

For those still eager to win we’ve still got a MacBook Air and iPad mini up for grabs in our  Rate Your Bank competition or get on the team and follow Mozo on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus  for the latest savings news and info, and be first in line for upcoming giveaways.

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  1. What a great site … Informative ,educational and interesting with all different view points and opinions…will be looking in on a regular basis to get a few more money tips!

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      Hi Gary,

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