What’s the best money you spent in 2013?

The whole year through we talk about how to save money but it’s important to remember once in a while what all that hard work was for – the ability to spend it on the stuff and experiences you really want! To get you inspired towards saving for your own goals (and to show you that even team Mozo are happy to splurge once in a while) we asked our team what was the best money they spent this year. Here’s what they said…

Chris (technology director) I just bought a three-room tent that easily sleeps six people for $150. Need I say more…? Now I can go anywhere (well, almost) and sleep under the stars and eat kangaroo and witchetty grubs. OK, maybe not the grubs…

Kirsty (marketing director) My husband’s birthday pressie was a great purchase. I booked six date nights over six months with restaurants and babysitter pre-booked. Finally getting some adult time amongst the craziness of work and family? Priceless!

Steven (developer) The best money I spent this year was refurbishing my wardrobe from op shops & second hand clothing shops in Newtown. $50 bought me half a dozen pairs of t-shirts, shorts – some of them labels. I much prefer to spend $10 on a t-shirt than $100 – and they won’t end up in landfill!

Renae (account manager) The best purchase I made this year was my first home. Buying your first home is a very big step in life and I came out of the other side unscathed! It’s very rewarding knowing that the money you spend is going towards something you own.

Peter (product data manager) Investing in an amazon Kindle was my best buy for 2013, it freed me from lugging around heavy 1000+ page tombs in my backpack.

Kylie (content and communities director) I spent $65 on a ticket to see Nile Rodgers Chic at the Opera House. The vibe was great and seeing the whole opera house on their feet dancing to “We are family” was worth every cent. Stayed on a high for days.

Dave (online marketing manager) The best money I spent in 2013 was going to Hawaii. It cost me $10k for 11 days for me and my wife. It was the best because we really needed a break.

Georgia (marketing intern) A Pug, adopted from Campbelltown Pound! It cost $320 for adoption and desexing, $200 for toys, bedding, food, collar, lead, etc. Provides hours of entertainment, the world’s best cuddles, and incentivises exercise.

Kelvin (data assistant) My best purchase this year would probably be the cheap flights to Japan I got from Jetstar. It was 600 dollars there and a 1 dollar return flight which is half what most people would pay.

Kerry (communications manager) This year my housemate and I spent $1000 furnishing our apartment in Sydney. From white goods to antique furniture, everything we purchased was second hand – Thanks Gumtree! We’ve been able to give many gorgeous things a second life, save money and avoid a flat-packed existence.

Nathan (data administrator) By best buy for 2013 was a return flight to Europe for $2200 for a six-week holiday during summer.

Shaun (marketing assistant) The best money I spent this year was $60 for a Zoku – quick pop ice block maker. Who doesn’t like home-made popsicles in 90 seconds?

Steve (home loan expert) Taking my family on a trip to Hawaii cost around 9k. It was great because the tickets were only $450 return and we bought a lot of good quality clothes for much cheaper than you could get here in Australia. It was a great place to visit – the whole family loved it.

Did you make a great purchase in 2013 you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you – leave us a comment below!

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