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  1. So the bonus $10K points only for new Bankwest customers? Well Bankwest, I’ve got your fee free credit card (which I never use) and so you’ve lost an opportunity to get me as a customer actually using an account with you. I’m looking forward to cancelling that card just out of spite.

    1. when they say “new Bankwest customers” they mean those that have never held a TRANSACTION ACCOUNT with them.

      If all you ever had with Bankwest is the credit card, then you ARE ELIGIBLE 🙂

  2. For overseas use, no transaction account can beat the Citibank offering:

    It is the ONLY transaction account in Australia and that doesn’t charge overseas ATM fees or CURRENCY CONVERSION fees (so 0% instead of the 2.95% with Bankwest).

    You can also earn $120 of cold hard cash if you make monthly deposits of $3000 to either the transaction on savings accounts and the money does NOT have to stay in there. You can just deposit and then withdraw the next day.

  3. Just wondering if anyone who has the new Bankwest Qantas Transaction account & is travelling overseas & has had trouble using either as credit card or getting cash from ATM…if so how did you resolve the problem. We are in Italy & the card doesn’t work in any MasterCard ATMs & Bankwest don’t seem to think it is their problem…


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