What’s Your Credit Card Personality?

Have you ever wondered if your personality affects your spending choices? Identifying your personality traits – big spender or savvy saver – can help you select the banking products that will keep your finances on track and see you reaching your financial goals faster.

With hundreds of credit card products in the market, choosing a new credit card can be a dizzying experience. But by identifying your spending nature you’ll be able to make wiser decisions and narrow down the type of credit card product suited to you.

We’ve identified four money personalities with the plastic to match…so which one packs the right credit card punch for you?

1. Daring diva who loves to shop

Beautiful boutiques and fashion outlets are constantly calling your name… and your credit card. You work hard so you can afford to splurge a little – you deserve it! You know you’re an impulsive buyer and let’s face it impulsive buyers tend to be impulsive planners.

The perfect credit card for you?

Look for a credit card with a low interest rate that won’t break the bank if you occasionally carry a balance. Mozo’s winner in the Experts Choice Awards for the best low rate credit card is Community First’s McGrath Pink Visa, which offers the lowest standard purchase rate of any credit card in the market at an incredible 8.99% (intro rate 4.74% for first 9 months), plus it comes in a flashy pastel pink that will surely spice up any fashionista’s wallet! Compare more low rate credit cards here.

2. Inspired doer ready to dump debt

You made some mistakes with your spending or perhaps doing the hula in tropical Hawaii has set your finances back. Either way you are stuck in the financial mud and want to turn over a new leaf. A debt-free life is your goal and you’re on the hunt for a good credit card option to go with your new doer lifestyle.

The perfect credit card for you?

The answer to your money woes is a competitive balance transfer credit card. Mozo’s money experts selected the Police Bank Visa credit card as best in show for its competitive 0% balance transfer interest rate for the first 9 months and low 10.96% revert rate. Explore some of the top deals in the market at our credit card balance transfer section here.

3. Clever connoisseur who reaps rewards

Credit card debt ain’t an option for this smart money spender. You pay off your credit card balance religiously and are attracted to competitive incentives to help you enjoy the better things in life. You’ve often been christened a modern day connoisseur!

The perfect credit card for you?

A wallet friendly credit card with standout premium benefits is ideal for a savvy spender. Mozo’s gold winner in the best value platinum credit card field went to Bankwest’s Zero Platinum credit card with no annual fee and luxurious benefits like concierge, travel insurance, warranty extension and purchase insurance. For more plastic with perks, zip over to our platinum page.

4. Happy hipsta’ with a no worries way

Everything’s amazeballs and you want it to stay that way! You enjoy urban haunts, opshop threads and hangin’ with your mates. Whether you’re lazing at the beach or strutting the cement jungle streets your relaxed lifestyle should reflect your money choices.

The perfect credit card for you?

Paying fees cramps your style, so a fee free credit card is the perfect fit. Bankwest’s Zero Platinum Mastercard topped the field as the easiest credit card to avoid paying any fees with no annual fee, no foreign exchange fee and 55 interest free days. Want more low fee options? We’ve got more comparisons here.

So, whether you’re a daring diva or a sleek money spender there is (definitely!) a credit card in the market to suit your personality and lifestyle. Browse Mozo’s selection of top performing credit cards at the Experts Choice Credit Card Awards hub here.

What’s Your Credit Card Personality? was last modified: June 17, 2014 by Rebeccah Elley

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    1. Mozo

      Hi Glen,

      Sounds like a balance transfer credit cards is precisely what you’re looking for! These nifty cards let you move debt from an existing credit card (or store card) where you might be paying interest as high as 20% or more. Transferring the balance gets you low interest – and sometimes zero interest – for 6 or 12 months or more! It’s a great way to knock down debt fast with minimal pain. Click here to see today’s best balance transfer credit card deals.


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