4 thrifty ways to shop for good

4 thrifty ways to shop for good

You don’t have to tip freezing cold water over your head and post it on social media to do good and help those in need. In fact there are many ways to be charitable whilst doing the weekly grocery shop or shopping online for some unique fashion pieces.

So arm yourself with these 5 thrifty ways to shop ethically:

1. Buy from charity shops

Whether you’re looking for some new summer threads at a knockout price or some books for light reading, your local Red Cross or Salvation Army should do the trick. Not only are you purchasing second hand goods and joining the sustainability movement but your cash is going towards humanitarian causes.

2. Shop online from ethical retailers

The great thing about the internet is it connects people from all over the world with a click of the mouse. Online marketplaces like theshopforchange.com and oxfamshop.org.au allow you to purchase everything from eco friendly craftworks to clay cooking pots from disadvantaged sellers arond the globe, helping to fight poverty and hunger. Other online websites like charitybuy.com.au allow you to choose a charity to support when making a purchase.

3. Look for Fairtrade products

Anywhere from your local cafe to vitamin store can offer products with the Fairtrade stamp of approval, which protects farmers and workers around the world from unfair working conditions and poor pay. You can find stores that stock Fairtrade Certified products near you by using Fairtrade Australia’s search tool here.

4. Attend the local grower’s markets

Get your local fruit and veg from local farmers, instead of the large supermarkets. You’ll support small businesses and also help the environment by cutting down the food miles associated with transporting food.

Have we missed any ethical ways to shop for good? Let us know below!

4 thrifty ways to shop for good was last modified: August 20, 2015 by Rebeccah Elley

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