Ways to survive the social season in one financial piece

Ways to survive the social season in one financial piece

The wining and dining season is almost upon us with plenty of fun to be had. So shake off your winter blues and get ready for some great social mingling and festive fun.

Here are the most talked about social events in November and December and the top ways to avoid a festive season blowout:

Spring racing

Ladies get your fascinators ready, gents its time to suit up, as fashion on the fields applies to everyone. Of course, the real drawcard of the Spring races for many Aussies is placing a bet on the ponies, as research from IBISWorld shows the Melbourne Cup Carnival is the most popular betting event on the Australian sports calendar.

Save money:

Fashion: Ever heard of the sustainable fashion movement? It’s where you buy clothes second hand from stores like Vinnies and the Salvation Army or attend a clothes swap in your area to get your fashion fix. You’ll save yourself the cost of new threads that can run into the hundreds and avoid the risk of being spotted in the same outfit as a stranger (fashion nightmare!).

Betting: Once you’ve gulped down a few chardies it’s easy to convince yourself you’re a true gambling guru, however the chance of you winning big are slim to none (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). So set a fixed spending limit before you head to the stadium to ensure you enjoy a day in the sun without breaking the bank.

Christmas parties

Christmas is that one time of year when everyone is jolly and splashing out becomes the standard practice. But that doesn’t mean you should blow your hard earned savings on Santa costumes and Christmas decorations. By adopting some simple pennypinching methods, you can avoid seeing your credit card balance balloon.

Save money:

Hosting a Christmas party: If you want to be the host(ess) with the mostest but don’t want to fork out big bucks in order to impress your guests, there are plenty of ways to save money like sending an e-vite via your email for free, looking out for sales in the months before Xmas on everything from booze to decorations and asking close friends to bring a dish or some snags for the barbie. Tightening those santa pants could end up saving you thousands.

Work Xmas party: Thankfully this event is paid for by your boss but don’t fall into the trap of shouting your entire office countless rounds of shots at the afterparty and paying a pricey taxi fare home if public transport is easily accessible.

New Years Eve

2014 was a year of many significant events: the year Barack Obama met with the Dalai Lama, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona and Ariana Grande released her second debut album. A momentous year, indeed. So how are you going to farewell the year that was?

Save money:

DIY: It’s well known that restaurants, clubs and bars love hiking up the price of alcohol and food on NYE. So save yourself the extra charge by taking the time to purchase everything you need for a wicked New Years Eve and enjoy the festivities in your city.

Watching the fireworks: While spending NYE on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island is sure to offer some spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – is the $380 cost really worth it? A much thriftier way to ring in the New Year and enjoy the fireworks display is by heading to one of the nearby parks early to secure a hotspot with your family or friends.

How are you going to survive the social season in one financial piece?

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  1. Here’s a great way to save money; avoid the Spring Racing (and all animal racing) completely. If you don’t attend horse and dog racing you’ll save heaps of money. More importantly, you’ll save the lives of all those horses and dogs who didn’t win. Just give it a thought; would you rather spend your precious money and time watching a poor exhausted creature being whipped over and over again? Or would you rather have a few glasses of bubbles and some tasty nibbles with friends at a different venue?


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