How to protect your man cave

How to protect your man cave

Since the dawn of time, man has had his cave.

A place to store everything from his hunting tools to his recently slaughtered dinner for the next week, the man cave has long been a place for men to keep their most prized possessions.

However, now the half-eaten wildebeests and hunting clubs have been replaced with miniature train sets and golf clubs: the total value of which can reach into the $1,000s, if not the $10,000s.

Despite it being a man’s pride and joy, a Woolworths Insurance survey showed one fifth of men do not adequately secure their sheds, while over a quarter of sheds are not covered under their owner’s home and contents insurance policy.

Man Cave protection tips

1. Check your home and contents insurance

If your garage or shed is where you store things like your bicycle, golf clubs or surfboard it’s definitely worth taking the time – by giving your insurer a buzz or reading the fine print – to check if your current insurance policy adequately covers you and your man cave items.

Keep in mind the shed or garage must be located at the insured address and some policies also state that if the new dwelling is in the course of construction it won’t be covered.

2. Know your item cap

Most insurers cap the value of claims made on individual items, so check this with your insurer, as it’s highly likely your $10,000 miniature train set will exceed this cap. For instance, one home and contents insurer we looked at had a cap of $1,000 per item on jewellery and watches and $3,000 for tools of trade.

3. Declare valuable items

It’s also important to declare these valuable items in the same way you would declare precious goods kept in your house, to ensure you have the correct amount of cover.

4. Take out extra cover if needed

If you find your garage and expensive items in it aren’t adequately covered, but want to keep on using it to store your secret men’s business, the solution is simple – pay for extra coverage. While you’ll have to pay a higher premium, it’s definitely worth it. Search our home and contents hub to find the right policy for you.

5. Lock it up

Secure your cave as well as you possibly can, as many policies require you to do everything you can “reasonably” do to limit the loss or damage of an item.

This doesn’t just mean investing in a padlock for the front door, but also checking the wood panelling is strong (not rotten), and securing any windows. You can buy heavy duty padlocks attached to a hasp and staple, which will help keep your cave protected.

If you wanted to be extra vigilant, shed alarms are available for purchase from a range of hardware stores like Bunnings. In addition to this, put locks on any garden gates to prevent intruders from gaining access to your backyard in the first place.

6. Report theft ASAP

Many policies also state that you must contact the police and start the claim process “immediately” after a theft has occurred to be reimbursed.

7. Keep copies of receipts/serial numbers

You may find it difficult to claim if something in your shed is stolen or damaged, without copies of your original receipts. So take the time to make a photocopy and even scan it to your computer, to provide yourself with the peace of mind that your precious man goods are covered.

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