Feb Fast end of month wrap up: “$250 extra in my pocket!”

Feb Fast end of month wrap up: “$250 extra in my pocket!”

At the beginning of February, Mozo staffer Caroline Thomas decided to take on the FebFast challenge of giving up alcohol for the entire month. 28 days on she has emerged healthier, richer and more determined to make the lessons of the last month long lasting. Here’s her recap:

It seems like yesterday that I was starting my FebFast journey but a month later I’ve finished and am feeling mighty proud of my achievement.

I had to tackle some temptations and battle my brain but in the end it was so much easier than I predicted and I hope it leads to less drinking overall. Here are the little victories that made it all worthwhile.

1. I had more energy

This may have to do with sleeping longer and not waking up with a hangover, but I definitely had more energy to do things on the weekend, which included long morning walks and tackling the household chores.

2. I made healthier choices

I found that not drinking led me to choose a healthier option across a range of things. I would walk instead of drive, I would choose a salad over a burger and stuck with water/juices rather than soft drink as an alcohol replacement. I must admit to eating more sweets than usual as my reward for abstaining.

3. I saved money

Not going out as much, driving instead of taxis and not having a glass of wine with dinner all added up to more money in the bank at the end of the month – I estimate I saved around $250.

4. I looked better

I genuinely believe that more sleep, better hydration and less toxins running through my system resulted in a better, brighter appearance and maybe a few less calories being consumed.

5. I strengthened my willpower

Knowing I can say no to something that was such a big part of my everyday life, has given me peace of mind that I can achieve anything! OK, I may be going a little over the top but it has given me a great sense of achievement.

If you’re one of the many Aussies that took part in the Feb Fast challenge, share your experience below!

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