How I’m going to survive Dry July

How I’m going to survive Dry July

I love alcohol (in moderation of course). That’s why it’s going to be hard to give it up for an entire month for Dry July 2015.

But I’m thinking that partaking in an event that not only helps me get healthy, plump up my savings account but give back as well, is worth it.

So if you’re like me and are giving up your much beloved Friday night drinks and Sunday arvo brews for the month of July, follow these top tactics for booze-free success:

1. Register

Start by jumping onto the Dry July website to officially sign up for the good cause that helps Aussies living with cancer. When you sign up you can choose which organisation you would like to support, for instance I chose the Royal North Shore Hospital based in St Leonards.

2. Enjoy one last drink

It’s just one day until the start of July, so whether you prefer a glass of bubbly or a golden ale, now’s the time to kick back and enjoy one last drink before the clock ticks over into the new financial year and you begin your new sober journey (well for one month, anyway).

3. Clean out your alcohol supplies

A fridge stocked with your favourite beverages is sure to be tempting, so do yourself a favour and make giving up the drinks easier by cleaning out any alcohol supplies you have. I’m not suggesting you throw that pricey booze away but put it in your garage or at a friend’s place, so you are free of the temptation during Dry July.

4. Prepare for social events

Probably the hardest part of living alcohol free for a month is attending a birthday party, work drinks or a night out without drinking. That’s why it’s important to create a game plan before you attend, to ensure you don’t slip up and ruin all your hard alcohol-free efforts. A good way to prepare is by letting everyone know in advance that you are partaking in Dry July or offer to be the designated driver for the night.

5. Start saving

A major bonus of farewelling alcohol over July, is it’s a good way to kickstart your savings plan for the last 6 months of the year. So if you spend $50 on alcohol a week, that’s $200 extra you can put into your high interest savings account at the end of July!


Dry-July-done-and-dusted-thumbDry July done and dusted!

For 31 days over the month of July I went without a drop of alcohol and I’m not going to lie, it was tough. So how did I go? Here’s a quick rundown of the successes I had along the way.


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