Building the perfect capsule wardrobe

Building the perfect capsule wardrobe

If you’ve always liked the less is more philosophy, why not apply it to your personal style by building your very own capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? In simple terms it’s a mini wardrobe that you build up with clothing items considered absolutely essential so rather than having a large selection of (often unused) clothes your wardrobe is filled with basic yet versatile and timeless pieces that you can wear again and again.

We’ll explain the rules (yes, there are rules):

  1. Pick a number: Carefully limit your wardrobe to somewhere between 30-40 pieces of clothing (pajamas, fitness apparel and of course underwear don’t count). This means culling all those things you rarely wear so don’t be afraid to be cut throat in this process. Remember the surviving pieces of clothing are what you consider your utmost essential and should match up easily with a range of other seasonal items.
  2. Shop for the season: Your capsule wardrobe should last you at least one season (i.e. three to six months) so stock up on items that are practical and not driven by trends, we’ve made some suggestions below. Then, in the last two weeks of the season, you can prepare the next season by auditing your current wardrobe and simply adding the pieces you’ll need.
  3. Donate: If your once loved clothing is good quality don’t just discard it, instead choose the charitable and environmentally conscious route and donate it to your local op shop. Demand for pre-loved fashion has never been higher which means these outlets are often in urgent need of good quality clothing donations. If you’re short on cash, you could try and sell any pre-loved items.    


  • Saves time and energy: Most of us dream of the day when we can open our wardrobes and choose an on trend outfit for the day without wasting those precious morning minutes before work deciding whether that top matches that skirt and so on.


  • Letting go: Sadly, purging your wardrobe may mean you will have to let go of some sentimental pieces or those clothes that you shelved in the hope that one day they would come back in vogue (*cue the tears).
  • Special Occasions: Owning a capsule wardrobe may leave you unprepared for those special occasions that may unexpectedly pop up every now and then like a friend’s impromptu Fijian wedding.

So now you know what you’re in for, here are our five must-haves to creating a successful capsule wardrobe for spring:

Classic Button-Up White Shirt: Is there anything you can’t do with a crisp white button up? Tuck into a pencil skirt for an ultra chic business look or channel your inner Victoria Beckham and leave it untucked over a pair of skinny jeans. You can cap both outfits off with a pair of pointy pumps.

Relaxed Blazer: A wardrobe staple that is versatile as it is voguish. Pair it with a simple tee, skinny jeans and boots to polish your outfit for a weekend brunch or add a sophisticated edge to your office wear by donning a pair of sleek tailored trousers.

Midi Dress: Not quite maxi and not quite mini, the midi length has been the toast of fashion circles for quite some time now. An uncomplicated midi can be styled in many different ways and for a number of occasions. It’s also a good excuse for those of us that are vertically-challenged to whip out a pair of 6 inches.

Wide-leg trousers: The flared pant has been plucked from the 1970s and is coming back in a big way this season. We understand this trend may be a little intimidating but you can easily create a modern silhouette with a fitted top and jacket or a slouchy-V neck that falls below the hips. A great statement piece for your spring wardrobe.

Open toe booties: This ultimate on trend and  trans-seasonal shoe can be worn a number of ways from elevating an easy denim look to adding a WOW factor to your Saturday night ensemble.

Did we miss anything in our wardrobe capsule? What is your spring fashion essential?

Building the perfect capsule wardrobe was last modified: September 18, 2015 by Kirsty Timsans

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