Home loan cash craze: 5 mortgage sweeteners for September

Home loan cash craze: 5 mortgage sweeteners for September

With the Spring property season abuzz, financial lenders are pulling out the guns in the form of tempting cash back offers, in order to entice you to take out a home loan through them.

The best part is, with home loan interest rates sitting at record lows these cash back offerings are on top of already competitive home loan rates. But you better get in quick because these freebies won’t stick around forever.

Here are some of the top something for nothing offers available in September:

  1. Newcastle Permanent Variable Home Loan (Premium Plus Package) – Are you an owner occupier looking for a better home loan deal? Then Newcastle Permanent’s Variable Home Loan (Premium Plus Package) could just tick the boxes for you. For those looking to refinance, the home loan offers a tantalising  $2,000 cashback and with rates starting from just 4.09% you could save a bundle in interest too.

  2. ME Basic Home Loan – There’s a lot to love about ME’s Basic Home Loan with a low 4.29% variable interest rate (4.30% comparison rate), no application fee and of course a juicy cash back offering of $1,250 if apply by 2 October 2015 and settle before 31 December 2015. Just keep in mind you’ll need to be borrowing over $400k to receive the free cash back offering from ME.

  3. AMP Variable Rate Loan (Professional Package) – Available for owner occupier borrowers, AMP’s Professional Package not only offers low variable rates starting from 4.12% but $1,000 cash back upon settlement which is deposited into a linked offset account. The free cash is available for loans over $100k when you apply before 30 September and settle on or before 30 November.

  4. St.George Variable Home Loan (Advantage Package) – Another $2,000 cash back offering for owner occupiers is available through St. George Bank with its Advantage Package for loan amounts above $250k. Plus this great $2k free money deal is also available on its Fixed Home Loan (Advantage Package), perfect for those that want the security of a locked in rate.

  5. ING DIRECT Orange Advantage – When you sign up with the Orange Advantage Offset Home Loan, you’ll be rewarded with a 1% cash back offering on your mortgage repayments of up to $30 per month. You’ll also enjoy super low rates starting from just 3.99%. To activate the cash back feature you’ll need to open an Orange Everyday transaction account, which will act as your offset account and deposit a minimum of $1,000 each month.

Want to see what other great home loan deals are available in the mortgage market? Punch in your details into our home loan comparison tool, to find the right loan for you.

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