Monday Moneyvator: Make a little extra income on the side

Monday Moneyvator: Make a little extra income on the side

Ever heard the saying a little extra goes a long way? It’s true you know. Just think what you could do with an extra $100 a week.

You could put it towards extra repayments on your mortgage/credit card or perhaps fatten up your savings account for a rainy day. Maybe there are blue skies on the horizon as you jet off to your summer holiday and that little extra cash could be the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday.

Whether you’re a stay at home Mum, an undergrad or just have some time to kill, we’ve listed the top ways you can easily earn a little extra spending or saving money before the holiday season kicks in.


You give your opinion for free every day, why not get paid for it? There are plenty of companies in the cyberworld willing to pay you for your honest opinion and feedback of their websites or mobile apps (yes, really). While you don’t have to be as tech savvy as Bill Gates, generally these companies require you to be an Australian resident, over 18 years old and have your own PC or Mac with Internet connection. Simply sign up to a company website such as User Testing Australia to get started.

Do an online survey

With a quick Google search you’ll be able to find a plethora of websites that allow you to sign up for free and complete online surveys on everything from washing powder to travel destinations. You should always do your research beforehand because not all of these websites pay in cash, some compensate your time with gift cards and vouchers. For instance, MySurvey gives you a choice of products, gift cards and e-certificates from retailers like Coles, Myer and JB Hi-Fi.


Are you a physics prodigy, an expert in literature from the Romanticism era or a whiz at Year Eleven calculus? Turn your knowledge into a pay cheque, by signing up to an online tutoring portal such as YourTutor which allows you to conduct one on one tutoring sessions and get paid via the website. These roles are always in high demand so ensure you leave an expression of interest on any websites that catch your interest and in the meantime spruce up your CV.


Have you had previous experience in the exciting world of copywriting, or perhaps you just have an eagle’s eye for grammar and detail? Freelance opportunities are calling you! You’ll have heaps of variety working across industries like finance, travel and beauty, plus you can often negotiate your price and deadline. If you’d rather not create the copy from scratch, you’ll be happy to know that proofreading is an option too.

Complete a job on

This website works essentially like a massive auction, where people upload odd jobs and others bid to complete them for the right price.’s appeal is the awesome (and often wacky) range of jobs you can bid on depending on what skills you have from organising someone’s tax return to cleaning out another’s garage.

Join the Army Reserves

Yes we know it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for something a little off beat joining the army reserves could be a rewarding experience for your skill set as well as your account balance. As a reservist, you only have to work a minimum of 20 days a year and there are a variety of roles from admin to tech positions.

And the best part? Your pay is tax free!

Sell your used stuff online

Perhaps you have an outdoor playhouse your kids have outgrown or a pair of skis you’ve only used once just collecting dust in your garage. Websites such as Gumtree and eBay are a great way to turn your unwanted items into easy cash -simply register, set up a quick ad online and wait for the offers to roll in.

What did you think of our tips? Do you have any tips to earn extra income? If so, share them with us.

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