Monday moneyvator: Slash your energy bills this Spring

Monday moneyvator: Slash your energy bills this Spring

Winter is nearly coming to an end, so we all know what that means – a whopping winter energy bill is about to arrive in our mail.

While there’s not much you can do about your high winter bill (apart from pay it on time), that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to ensure your spring utility bill is a lot more wallet friendly.

Here are our top tips for a motivated start to the new season that will see your utility bills slashed in no time.

1. Get ready for summer

Check that the bottom of your doors are properly sealed to keep out the heat in summer and cold in winter. If you find your door seals are broken or there’s no door seals at all, you can buy them from as little as $8 per door seal from shops like Bunnings.

Another way to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, is installing insulation to your ceiling and walls.

Now could also be a good time to head to your local nursery and pick up some plants, shrubs or trees that you can grow in areas that receive direct sunlight during the day, to provide your house with some solid shade for the summers to come.

2. Change your habits

With the weather set to turn in the coming months, don’t simply turn to the air conditioner for your cooling solutions, as there are plenty of alternative ways to drop the temp in your home. One solution is opting for a fan over an air con which according to Origin Energy uses 85% less energy.

3. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances

You might not want to splurge on new white goods but if you currently own an energy sucking fridge or washing machine, the savings made on your energy bill could be worth it.

If you’re considering upgrading to more energy efficient appliances, make sure you check what their energy star rating is by heading on over to the Australian Government’s energy rating website.

Also consider replacing your standard lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lights, which are more energy efficient. When it comes to outdoor lighting, a nifty trick is installing sensors so that they are only activated when you are using the outdoor space.

4. Switch energy providers

While preparing for summer and upgrading appliances are great ways to slash your energy bill, make sure you check that you’re with the best energy plan for you as this could potentially slash hundreds off your utility bill each year.

Want an example? When we crunched the numbers we found switching from the least competitive electricity bill could put an extra $613 in your pocket a year.

If you want to compare some of the top energy providers in Australia, use our energy comparison website that will show you some of the best deals by price for you.

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