Selling your home this spring? Arm yourself with these 8 value adding tactics

Selling your home this spring? Arm yourself with these 8 value adding tactics

If you’re planning on selling your home this Spring, you’re probably well aware that the property market is leaning in your favour.

But before you think “Yep, I’m ready to cash in”, it’s important to give your home a quick refresh to ensure you get the best possible resale price for your home.

Here are our top tips:

1. Create curb appeal

We all know the saying: First impressions last forever. So make sure the potential buyer is impressed from the get go by giving your front door a fresh lick of paint and adding some planters to your front garden.

Not only are these great value adding refreshes, they are friendly on the wallet too.

2. Declutter

Once you’re done giving the front of your home a makeover, it’s time to tackle the inside and get rid of anything you don’t need. Moving homes is the perfect time to not only make your house presentable to buyers, but also get rid of any items you no longer use or need. Make three different piles:

  • the items you’ll pack to go to your new home
  • the items you’ll donate to charity
  • the items you’ll throw out

3. Replace old fixtures

Give your home a quick audit to see if any window sills, door handles, frames or skirtings need painting or replacing. This is an easy DIY project that can be completed over the weekends leading up to sale time.

4. Clean

Fixing broken fixtures is important, but don’t forget to give everything from the curtains to the appliances in your home a good scrub down because you might be surprised to find what buyers will notice when inspecting your property.

5. Refresh your kitchen

Since you’re only upgrading your house to sell, there’s no point spending big bucks on a brand new kitchen. Instead, consider re-lining your kitchen cabinetry and benchtops.

This is a much more cost effective option and will instantly give your kitchen that brand new feeling.

6. Address the floors

Whether it’s a carpet that is in need of a clean or a timber floor requiring a polish, make sure you give the floors of your home some love.

7. Convert your attic or basement into a spare room

When buyers are searching websites like and they aren’t looking for houses with attics or basements. What they are looking for is a decent number of rooms.

So if you have an attic or basement in your home that is gathering dust, consider converting the area into a spare room. You may need an experienced professional to complete this renovation as installing insulation could be required, but the value it will add to your property come sale time should be worth it.

8. Get decorating

Before inspection day rolls around, it’s wise to make your home feel as inviting as possible through staging your home.

Whether it’s the furniture, throw overs or any other pieces you decide to decorate the property with, since you don’t know the buyer’s tastes stick with neutral tones.

Also remove any family photos, that way it makes it easier for the buyer to imagine the home as theirs, not yours and replace them with freshly cut flowers or simple artworks.

Finding the right home loan for your new property

If you’re selling your existing property, you’re probably moving to a new home so make sure you get the best home loan rate for your new property. Here are some of the top deals in the market now:

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  2. Easy Street Basic Variable Home Loan – 3.99% variable interest rate (4.03% comparison rate), $500 upfront fee, $0 valuation and $0 settlement fee.
  3. HSBC Home Value Loan (Owner Occupier) – 3.99% (4.05% comparison rate), $600 application fee, $102.50 valuation fee and $150 settlement fee.
  4. Essentials Variable – 4.02% (4.04% comparison rate), $0 application fee, $220 valuation fee and $300 settlement fee.
  5. UBank UHomeLoan – Real Reward Offer – 4.09% (4.09% comparison rate), $0 application fee, $0 valuation fee and $0 settlement fee.

Want to compare more loan options? Punch your numbers into our home loan comparison tool that compares over 100 home loan deals available now.

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