Monday moneyvator: Become a weekday warrior

Monday moneyvator: Become a weekday warrior

While you’ve probably heard the term “weekend warrior” before, which is when you make the most out of your weekend by ticking all those to-dos of your list, the idea of a weekday warrior isn’t as well known.

The philosophy is pretty much the same, however rather than conquering your tasks on the weekend you look to get them done during your working week. And of course what we are really interested in is how becoming a weekday warrior could save you money.

To help you choose which tasks to take on during the week, here are some quick ideas:

1. Cook up extra at dinner and bring lunch to work – 5 minutes

Putting in more ingredients into your nightly cookups for dinner isn’t going to take much extra time but will save you a pretty penny after 5 days. For instance when one Mozo staffer decided she was fed up with bought lunches and opted for BYO lunches instead for a week, she was able to save $43 once the costs of the ingredients were taken out.

2. Declutter your wardrobe – 1 hour

An easy way to make some quick cash is by sorting through your closet one weeknight for items you no longer wear, taking a quick photo on a white background and posting it to websites like ebay. It’s a great way of making money on the side and giving yourself space for some new pieces.   

3. Borrow books or DVDs from the library – 30 minutes  

Here’s a tip from Money Smart: If you have the itch for a good read or a midweek movie, take advantage of the offerings at your local library. Membership is free and most libraries are stocked with everything from great classics to modern day gems. 

4. Check your bank account statement – 10 minutes

When’s the last time you took a good look at your bank account statement? If you’re still paying a monthly fee for that membership (e.g gym, auto) you no longer use, taking the time to ring the company up and canceling it is a sure way of putting a plug in any unnecessary fees.

Also check that you’re not paying a bank account keeping fee, as these days there are countless fee free bank accounts available. You could even get cash back. For instance with the ME Everyday Transaction Account if you apply for your first account with ME by 17 November and make three purchases of $10 or more, you’ll receive $50 cash back. The best part is these days the new provider will roll over all your existing automatic payments for you, making the switching process a breeze.

How will you become a weekday warrior?

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