2 weeks ‘til Xmas: Hosting an award winning Christmas lunch

2 weeks ‘til Xmas: Hosting an award winning Christmas lunch

It’s getting to feel a lot like Christmas with only two weeks to go! And if you’ve followed our tips so far, you could have banked a mighty $2,111.96.

Your pantry should be getting full too. But hold off stuffing your cupboards further until you find out how to save over $100 on your Christmas lunch. This is the Santa Saver Challenge after all!

Here are the top Christmas lunch essentials as chosen by food and wine experts:

Award winning Champagne: Potential savings $24.96

Getting into the Christmas spirit with the right bottle of Champagne can be crucial. That awkward small talk with distant rellies gets a whole lot easier when you have a flute in your hand.

Instead of spending upwards of 50 bucks a pop, try out Aldi’s award winning Champagne Monsigny Brut from the French region itself. Compared to the classic Moet and Chandon Brut Imperiál, you’ll save a neat sum of $24.96.

Award winning cheese and wine platter: Potential savings $18.18

This harmonious cheese and wine platter we’ve made up is close to $20 cheaper than the cheapest comparable alternative from Coles. Rosé is a good crowd pleaser and an easy compliment to cheese, so we’ve picked Aldi’s cheap Rosé that won hearts at a blind taste test earlier this year.

Here’s the comparison:

Award winning budget platter $17.96   Cheapest comparable alternative from Coles online $36.14
Aldi South Point Estate Rose: $4.99       Coles Cleanskin Rose: $5.35
Aldi Aged cheddar: $3.99   Farmhouse Clothed Aged Cheddar (Coles):$8.79
Aldi Triple Cream Brie: $4.99            Tarago Triple Cream Brie (Coles): $14
Aldi Persian Fetta: $3.99       Yarra Valley Persian Fetta (Coles): $8.00

Throw in some budget-friendly water crackers from Coles at 95c each, and there you have a cheesy award winning plate. Bon appétit!

Award winning budget ham: Potential savings $59.15

Christmas ham is probably the most important part of a Christmas feast. Some like it cooked at home, cured or smoked in different ways. It can’t taste too salty or watery and needs to have just the right amount of fat.

Whatever our preferences we all want one thing – to have a memorable Christmas ham. But it can get quite expensive if you want it to taste half decent. Luckily, Goodfood.com.au taste tested 22 hams around Australia for us.

And the winner of the best budget ham was the Coles Half Leg Bone in at $7kg which is approximely 4.5kg. By comparison, Andrew’s Choice Ham on the Bone, which scored the same, cost $19.95 per kilogram. For a half leg, that’s a potential saving of $59.15 without compromising on hammy goodness!

Tips to save even more at the table: Potential savings $15.60

  • Ditch the duck fat for your roast spuds and use good quality, olive oil from your cupboard instead. This could save you $5.70.
  • Don’t buy out of season Winter veggies for roasting, opt for the frozen version or in season produce instead. Take Brussel Sprouts as an example, which are out of season in Australia at this time of year. For the fresh version you’re going to pay $11.90 a kilo, whereas the frozen version at Coles only costs $4.70 a kilo. So picking just one of your veggies from the freezer could save you $7.20! Need tips on how to roast frozen veggies to perfection? We found a recipe on this blog for you.
  • Plan your portions. According to Love Food hate Waste, Aussies in New South Wales alone throw out 800,000 tonnes of edible food a year. This equates to around $1000 per household of food waste each year. This means if you moderate portions correctly, you won’t be throwing another $2.70 in the bin on Christmas day.

Total potential savings on Christmas lunch: $117.89

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