Bag yourself a fashion savvy bargain this Boxing Day

Bag yourself a fashion savvy bargain this Boxing Day

Put your gloves on ladies, it’s nearly time for the Boxing Day sales. But it’s not all hair pulling and strategic elbow placement – the aim of the day is to bag yourself some fantastic bargains.

So when you head to the shops this Boxing Day, keep these tips in mind to ensure you come home with the best fashion picks that are worthy of your wardrobe.

  1. Buy classic, big ticket items – There will be discounts in nearly every department on Boxing Day, but prioritise your buys. Many of your trendy pieces will either go on sale at other times of the year, or will only be in fashion for another few months anyway. Go for classic items like a white linen shirt or some black pumps that you’ll be able to wear over and over.
  1. Think about aftercare – That silk, diamante encrusted dress might be a steal at half price, but how will you ever clean it? Don’t end up with a basketful of discount purchases that will cost you big bucks down the line in dry cleaning bills. Lace, silk, cashmere or beaded items will cost more to clean, so instead go for basic cuts and synthetic blends. And if you like a bit of sparkle, dress up your staple wardrobe with some discount accessories!
  1. Plan your shopping trip – Plan it like you’re going to war. Know in advance which shops you want to hit and which ones you need to get to first. Lingerie and shoes are always quick to go, so if that’s something you’re after, think about heading there first. Or, if there’s one item you’ve been eyeing for months that’s been out of reach due to the price tag, get right in and snag it – if you’ve been looking, chances are someone else has too!
  1. Take a list – Don’t get sucked in by sale stickers. A bargain is only a bargain if you actually want what you’re buying. Write a list of the items you want, either in general terms – ‘LBD, sparkly shoes, a blouse for work’ – or in specifics – ‘Basque LBD with piping detail, in size 12, from Myer, level 2’. Having a clear idea of what you want, will make it easier to nab all the best bargains.
  1. Have a budget – As you’re creating your list, budget it out. How much are you willing to spend all up? How much are you willing to allocate to shoes and how much is going to jewellery? If you’ve got a list and an idea of what you’re willing to spend on each item, you’re less likely to blow your entire budget on one or two pieces. And don’t forget to take into account any gift cards you’ve been given at Christmas! These can go a long way in the Boxing Day sales and it saves them from being lost at the bottom of your wallet for the rest of the year.

Once you decide on your budget, it’s just as important to…

  1. Stick to it! – It’s tempting to push the limit of your bank account when faced with red sale signs everywhere you look, but strengthen your resolve and walk away from that extra pair of fluro tights. You’ll lessen the sale day hangover by sticking to things you knew you wanted before you entered the insane haze of half price deals.
  1. Know the return policy – If you do wake up next to your brand new metallic mesh singlet and matching crocs, you can at least find solace in the 30 day return period. Or can you? Some stores don’t offer refunds or exchanges, especially on sale items, so as you shop make sure you check what the return policy is and keep track of all your receipts. That way, if you do wind up the proud new owner of an outfit your colour-blind nan would pick out – you won’t have to keep it.

Not sure what you should be looking for this Boxing Day? Check out our blog on building the perfect capsule wardrobe for some timeless fashion tips.

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