If Easter eggs were like banks…

If Easter eggs were like banks…

We know chocolate is on your mind at this time of the year, so for the fun of it we’ve done a little character analysis on some of our favourite Easter eggs and the kinds of banks they would make. Go on, read ahead to find out if your bank was an Easter egg, what would it be?

Lindt Bunny

Lindt bunny
The Lindt bunny is undoubtably a favourite among chocolate connoisseurs. Image credit: Lindt Sprungli online

The cute little golden bunny returns to the supermarkets for Easter year after year. He’s a serious rabbit with a reputation for quality but is a little more expensive than his Red Tulip rival. If the Lindt bunny was a bank, he would steal your heart with consistency and charm, but you shouldn’t let brand loyalty cloud your judgement. If you are going to pay more for your chocolate fix, be sure that it’s worth it. It doesn’t hurt to check out what else is out there on the supermarket shelves to ensure you are getting value from your Swiss friend!

Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury creme egg
Nom nom. Cadbury creme eggs make up for their small size in rich eggyness! Image credit: Shutterstock

Here we have the Cadbury Creme Egg. Don’t let her small size fool you, she’s filled to the brim with rich-eggy fondant goodness. Gulp her down in one bite or suck out the centre. No matter what way you eat her, you’re sure to feel satisfied. The Creme Egg is not everyone’s favourite, but for those whose tastebuds prefer the sickly sweet she is an Easter essential. In the banking world the creme egg knows that she is up against bigger eggs but what she lacks in size she makes up for in richness.

Humpty Dumpty egg

Humpty Dumpty egg
The Humpty Dumpty egg is an underrated joy to eat. Image credit: Good Food online

It might seem like the Humpty Dumpty is just a plain ordinary chocolate egg but crack open his shell and out rolls a whole lot of unexpected chocolatey smartie goodness. If Mr Dumpty were a bank, he would have a lot to offer his customers by way of products and services, even though it may not appear that way from the outside.

Kinder Surprise egg

Kinder Surprise egg
You never know what you’re going to get with a Kinder Surprise. Image credit: Shutterstock

You never know what you’re going to get with the Kinder Suprise egg. It could be a really cool collectable or a complete joke. Like the egg, the Kinder Surprise bank could delight you with its top rates, services and innovative products or leave you shell shocked by poor service and unexpected fees. You’ll need to work out whether you willing to take this chance.

Carob egg

The carob egg is arguably the fairest of them all! Image credit: Shutterstock
The carob egg is arguably the fairest of them all! Image credit: Shutterstock

The carob egg may not be as sweet as its more mainstream counterparts but what you give up in calories, you make up for in sustenance. Healthier, full of vitamins and tannins that restore energy, the banking version of this egg-of-choice takes an ethical approach to its products, services and social responsibilities.  

Do you have any other Easter favourites you want to add to our list? Comment below.

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