Monday moneyvator: Plan some DIY renos for this ANZAC Day long weekend

Monday moneyvator: Plan some DIY renos for this ANZAC Day long weekend

Are you staying home this long weekend and thinking it might be the perfect opportunity to revamp your home?

While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to give your property a complete overhaul over a short 3 day period, there are some do-it-yourself renovations you can take on that will help spruce up your place in no time.

Here are a few to put on your DIY renos list:

1. Give your home a fresh lick of paint

Painting your entire property will take a significant amount of time, so choose a few areas that you will give a quick coat of paint like the front of your house.

Even if you only change the colour of your front door, this can make a significant impact to your property’s curb appeal and will add that “wow” affect. For instance, I painted my front door an orange hue and it immediately made the whole exterior stand out.  



2. Fix up the front windows

Another thing that adds to the state of your home’s street appeal is the exterior windows. Just by giving them a clean or even the skirtings a re-stain you can do wonders to the appeal of your home in just hours. By doing this, as well as giving the door a fresh lick of paint, people walking by may even assume you’ve given your entire home a full reno.

3. Manicure your garden  

There are so many ways you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden. One time my wife used left over travertine marble – that we didn’t end up using for our pool – to create a garden artwork (see picture below). We get asked all the time whether it’s a designer piece and the best part is it cost us less than $100 to create, showing you don’t need a lot of money to create significant impact.


4. Add a kitchen splashback

One renovation that definitely adds value to a property is adding a splash back to the kitchen. If you are worried the work will be too much to take on by yourself, you could even consider calling on the help of a professional tiler that costs between $500-$600. The value that will be added to your kitchen will be more than worth it, as a splashback can usually add around $5,000 to the property value.

5. Think about your decor

Have a look at your space and see what you could do to improve the interior styling of your home. Small things like adding a mirror to the right space can do wonders for the look of the room, and also can make it appear bigger.

6. Tackle any maintenance issues

When you’re thinking about the quick renos you can do over the long weekend it shouldn’t just be about looks and adding value. Instead, also think about the renovations that will keep your property in good nick.

For instance, now’s the perfect time before the rainy, winter season hits to remove any leaves in your gutter that could potentially cause the roof to leak. Or if you have a broken door handle that has been bothering you for some time, perhaps fixing this issue is a better task to tackle. Whatever the maintenance issue, addressing it over the long weekend is sure to be a good use of your time.

Things to consider before renovating

– Don’t be over ambitious

While the above renos can easily be done without the help of a tradesperson, keep in mind there are some areas of renovation you should leave to the professionals. For example, if you’re considering knocking down walls, make sure you call on the help of an engineer and don’t go near works to do with the plumbing or electricity yourself.

– Wear the right protective gear

After watching YouTube how-to videos, it might be tempting to jump straight into renovating, but don’t forget to purchase the right protective gear from stores like Bunnings. If you plan on doing renos like drilling, make sure you purchase yourself some earplugs and for painting, a dust mask will help keep out those pesky fumes.    

– Check your home and contents insurance

If you’re doing any significant renovation work it’s also important to check that you’ll be covered under your home and contents insurance in the case yourself, friends or family are injured whilst doing renovations on your home. If you find your policy doesn’t currently offer the cover you’ll need for renovating consider switching to a more comprehensive one. Mozo has a home insurance comparison tool, which you can use to compare deals here.

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