Monday Moneyvator: Stretch your travel budget thanks to the strong Aussie dollar

Monday Moneyvator: Stretch your travel budget thanks to the strong Aussie dollar

With the Aussie dollar on a four-month high, now is the perfect time to ditch that local holiday and set your eyes on an international vacay!  

But how does the AUD hovering around 77 cents against the greenback impact your holiday plans? Well, the short story is, global forex movements affect the value you get out of exchanging your dollars for an overseas currency. And with the Australian dollar appreciating against a number of international currencies, it’s a good idea to plan a trip to one of these destinations….     

1. United Kingdom 

You might’ve already heard that Brexit has caused the British Pound to fall to the lowest level since 1985. While that may be bad news for Brit holidaymakers, it’s the ideal time for Aussie travellers to pay the Queen a visit. Exchange rate fluctuations in favour of the Australian dollar mean a trip to the UK now is cheaper than it has been in a long time. Just try and book your flights and accommodation early on so you don’t get hit by a sudden rate change later. Or, you could even lock in some pounds now with a prepaid travel card.

How many pounds do you get for one dollar? – .59

2. Mexico

Have you had the pyramids of Teotihuacán on your bucket list for a while now? Then tick it off already! With the Mexican peso taking a deep dive this year, a spring break to explore the ancient Mayan ruins by day and hitting Tulum’s hip bars by night has never been a better idea.  

How many pesos do you get for one dollar? – 14.02

3. Malaysia

The Malaysian beaches have always been a top attraction for Australians. And with the dollar going strong against the ringgit, it’s the perfect opportunity to head off to Langkawi for a quick holiday that’s easy on the hip pocket.

How many ringgits do you get for one dollar? – 3.07

4. South Africa

The Aussie dollar has been climbing up against the rand for some time now and that’s why, planning a South African safari at this point makes complete sense. If you’re after an adrenaline rush, this is a relatively affordable way to go hiking in the wild, swimming with sharks and jumping off the world’s tallest bungee! And after you’re done with all this, go unwind with a cocktail and enjoy Cape Town’s famous nightlife.   

How many rands do you get for one dollar? – 10.30

5. New Zealand

Speaking of adventure, how can we forget our friendly neighbour, New Zealand? With the Aussie lead over the Kiwi dollar continuing its upward climb, you can head across the ditch to enjoy the gorgeous landscape and maybe even take the leap of faith and finally go skydiving at Lake Wanaka.

How many NZ dollars do you get for one dollar? – 1.06

Go on, loosen those purse strings and book your next vacation now. Just make sure you’ve got all your travel money options sorted based on your destination and holiday plan. Carry a mix of cash and cards, and don’t forget to compare the most cost effective and convenient travel credit, debit and prepaid cards.  

Exchange rates have been sourced from and are accurate as on 12.08.16

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