How expensive is Friday really?

How expensive is Friday really?

It’s official: Monday is the worst day of the week, and Friday is the most expensive.

Well, that last one is official, at least. But the Monday thing is true too.

ING DIRECT have announced that while Aussies spend an average $93 a day, Friday is the day we’re really sinking all our cash into. Apparently, Friday costs $112 on average.

We spend 33% more on going out for dinner on Friday (groundbreaking research guys, wow) and get 20% more cash out of ATMs.

Also, take note all you generational think piece writers – Gen Y spent an average $103 on Friday, while Baby Boomers spent $111. Who’s eating too much smashed avo now? Boom.


And trashing that old joke about wives cleaning out their husband’s bank account, ING DIRECT found that men spend about $7 more than women at end-of-week celebrations. Double boom.


But what I really want to know, is: who were ING DIRECT surveying to get these numbers? Who are these people spending nearly $100 every day? What are they spending on and am I missing out?

I’m not so sure if the numbers factor in costs like rent to the daily spend but even if they do, it seems like a lot. I pay about $30 rent a day. Either I’m somehow spending another $63 a day without noticing, or my lifestyle is incredibly cost effective. I’d like to think it’s the latter, so I’ve done some thinking about why it might be true.

Reasons why the rest of Australia might be spending more than me on a Friday:

  • They have better social lives and are out there drinking more, seeing more people and having more fun. I’m not under any illusions about my social circle – this is definitely possible.
  • They’re drinking at the wrong bars. $25 cocktails? $8.50 for a schooner of mediocre beer? I’m a creature of simple pleasures, which has lead to a deeply ingrained preference for local watering holes full of tradies and cheap pints. So sue me.
  • I’ve been working in finance long enough that good money habits are unavoidable. I struggle to see this as a bad thing, really.
  • There’s some kind of ritual shopping trip going on that I missed the invite to. Does everyone in the country go out on a Friday and buy some predetermined object for mysterious purposes? Is this how people wind up with plushie collections?
  • They’re not taking full advantage of after work drinks. If you work at any young, hip startup worth its salt, then there is free alcohol on offer at some point on a Friday. If you haven’t been thoroughly soused with your manager at least once, then are you really a good fit for the company culture?
  • They have forgotten the magic of toasted cheese sandwiches and replaced it instead with takeout pizza. I love a pizza or two myself (yes, whole pizza, not slice) but the humble grilled cheese has a lot to offer.

Do you think a $112 spend is accurate for your Fridays? Let me know in the comments.

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