7 awesome money mantras to get you through 2017

7 awesome money mantras to get you through 2017

New year, new you, right? This time of year is bursting with potential – to the point where some of us actually manage to convince ourselves we’ll use a gym membership or stop sneaking off for a mid-afternoon doughnut everyday. Yeah, right.

Don’t buy it? No sweat. I’ve got something better: the New Year mantra. It’s not exactly a promise, so it doesn’t come with the guilt trip a resolution does. It’s just a phrase that you can mutter under your breath as you go about your daily life. Or have tattooed on your lower back forever more. Whatever.

But it can be hard to choose a single sentence that will define your life for the next 12 months, so I’ve come up with some money mantras to get you started:

“Price comparison is life’s most worthy pursuit.”

Charitable giving, happiness, wisdom – these are all good things to devote your life to. But in 2017, embrace the fact that the most worthy thing you can spend your time on is cost comparisons.

After finding a better price.

“Student life is the good life.”

Remember when you were in Uni and the decision to spend more than $15 at once required hours of hard thought, soul searching, and moral guidance from multiple sources? Re-capture that state of being.


“My neighbour is jealous of my good looks and charm.”

Stop spending money trying to impress, outdo or annoy those around you by frequently reminding yourself that you’re better than them, and they’re already jealous of you.


“Free gift with purchase is never truly free.”

Age old wisdom that’s as important today as it was a hundred years ago. Do not buy 3 tonnes of garden mulch just for the free, plastic garden trowel on offer. Learn from my mistakes.


“Good things come to those who hustle.”

Shake off the bad vibes of 2016 because 2017 is going to be your year. Whether you pick up a side-job, gun for a big promotion or start making bottle-cap earrings to sell on Etsy, this is the year to make bank.


“I’m all about that Netflix life.”

Spending money to go out and eat/drink/establish-that-you-haven’t-died-in-your-armchair is so 2016. This year, staying in with a $10 Netflix subscription and microwave popcorn every Friday night is all the rage.


“Money management is 1 part spending and 9 parts checking your bank balance.”

Splurge on an unplanned shopping trip or a holiday? Don’t feel bad! Just remind yourself that for that moment of weakness, your budget demands 9 frantic, panic-induced balance checks to confirm the damage.



If you’re one of those people who subscribe to the idea that your year should be defined by a single word instead of a full phrase (who’s got time for that?) then in 2017, a good choice is:


‘Nuff said.
What’s your 2017 mantra? Let me know in the comments.

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