BREAKING NEWS: new $10 note revealed and it’s not hideous

BREAKING NEWS: new $10 note revealed and it’s not hideous

Everyone brace yourselves: they’ve released the design for the new tenner. And it doesn’t even look that much like vomit.

Aussies absolutely eviscerated the $5 note when it came out, but a few months on, it doesn’t seem like a massive deal anymore. I’ve willingly handed one over to a cashier and wasn’t looked at like I might be carrying a communicable disease, so I’d call them a success, all up.

But I want to offer some advice to the RBA media team – the highly saturated images of your new notes aren’t doing you any favours. Compare the official design release to a pic from a news article:

One of these images is a lot more vomit-like than the other.

The note features images of a cockatoo, wattle and a pen nib, as well as poetry in microprint and that same security strip that made the fiver useless for vending machines and self-checkouts. But that problem, the RBA promises, has been fixed.

It won’t actually be in distribution until September, so you’ve all got plenty of time to make your jokes on Twitter and get used to Dame Mary Gilmore’s profile staring soulfully out at you FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION SHE USED TO.

Why the change? No idea. Is it significant? Probably not.

Whether Australia accepts or utterly rejects our new $10 note is now in the hands of the Twitter hashtag gods.

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