Your wallet or your waistline? Turns out that when it comes to alcohol, you can’t have both


Most Aussies love a good drink, whether it’s kicking back with friends tinnie in hand or sipping some red after a hard day’s work. But once those beer goggles are on, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that alcohol is a budget-draining (not to mention weight-gaining) vice!

We know that because according to ASIC’s MoneySmart, the nation spends $14.1 billion annually on liquor compared to just $1.1 billion a year on tea and coffee.

Always the money savers here at Mozo, not only did we count the kilojoules in your favourite drinks, but the dollars you’d fork out to buy them at the pub too, so you can compare tipples more wisely.

Your wallet vs your waistline [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you love your wine or are a vodka, soda and lime drinker, see if your go-to bevvy fits in with your budget and diet preferences below:

alcohol-2As the infographic shows, when it comes to your alcoholic beverage of choice you’ll have to decide whether your wallet or waistline is more important.

Beer may be the cheapest option but its kilojoule count is the second highest after cider. And while a mixed drink like a vodka, lime and soda is best for your waistline, it comes with the heftiest price tag.

So while there’s not much you can do to make your favourite drink cheaper or better for your belly, what our research did show was that a little compromise goes a long way…

Tips for saving money on the devil’s water:

  1. Downsize. You know the saying “less is more”? Well the same applies to alcohol. For instance, cheering with middies rather than schooners could save you over $500 a year (assuming you chugged six drinks per week).
  2. Buy in bulk. Ok, this tip isn’t going to help your waistline but sure will help your wallet (provided you have the self-control): stock up on beverages and ration them out for yourself every week.
  3. Have a dry month. Don’t wait until Dry July hits the calendar, do a trial run and ditch alcohol for a month. The money you save can go towards a healthier habit like a new gym membership. After all the latest research has found that drinking even in moderation isn’t good for you after all.
  4. Shop around. This applies to the pubs, bars and bottle shops you visit. For instance, you may find that microbreweries, venues and liquor stores outside prime locations sell drinks at lower prices. And beer drinkers, don’t forget that craft brews are healthier for you too, as they’re known for having less preservatives.
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