Mozo podcast review: The Money

Mozo podcast review: The Money

A new month means one thing, a new podcast review! Last time I gave you the lowdown on The Rentvesting Podcast – a fun yet informative podcast about the Aussie property market that preaches the gospel of living where you want and investing where you can afford. But, despite what the headlines might lead you to believe, there is more to life and certainly your finances than owning your own home and so I’m broadening my horizons and tackling one of the big guys, ABC Radio National’s The Money.

What is it about?

The Aussie economy. Now that might seem a bit broad, but hear me out. This podcast dedicates each episode to one aspect of the Aussie economy and throughout its 18-month lifespan has gone in-depth on the more mainstream money matters like electricity, superannuation and investment but also extends its reaches to more unique, consumer-facing angles on the economics of avocados (yes, actual avocados), sleep and as you’ll find out more about later, supermarkets.

What to expect?

The Money releases an informative and well-researched episode, approximately thirty minutes in length, each Thursday that dives into an aspect of the Aussie economy. Host and journalist, Richard Aedy is the voice of the podcast and stitches together a range of interesting and high-profile interviews with minimal interruption.

This podcast essentially brings you half an hour of top quality radio journalism using cool tunes and sound effects to bring the story to life. While it might not be filled with tonnes of actionable advice for consumers, you’ll be exposed to nuggets of information that’ll help change the way you think about the Aussie economy. Produced by national broadcaster the ABC, you can also expect some really high-quality production and in most cases, flawless audio, while enjoying the luxury of not being exposed to any annoying ads.  

Who is it for?

Much like its subject matter, this podcast’s potential audience is pretty broad. No matter who you are, there is definitely an episode that could shed some light on a topic relating to how you spend your money. But this is a great podcast if you’re an Aussie who is genuinely intrigued by the finer details of our economy especially if you appreciate quality, longform journalism.

Who is behind The Money?

As I mentioned earlier, The Money is hosted by respected journalist, Richard Aedy. Aedy has been responsible for award-winning documentaries in Colombia, East Timor, the United States and the UK and uses his seasoned storytelling skills to create some seriously compelling episodes. Beyond that, you’re also getting the benefit of the Radio National’s top quality production teams.

The Money, according to them

But enough of what I think this podcast is about, here is how the masterminds of The Money sum up what they do.

‘The Money explains how the Australian economy and everything in it works, and how this all connects to the global economy.’

(Source: Radio National website)

Must-listen episode

Price Check: Food & Groceries

There are only three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and the weekly grocery shop. In this episode of The Money, Aedy lays out the economical factors at play when you enter the supermarket to stock up.

Speaking to a mix of guests throughout the half hour journey, the renowned journalist steers us through a range of themes like how our consumer behaviour has changed over time, what supermarkets are doing to influence our buying behaviour and how our grocery shopping trip might look in the future. After this episode, your shopping trips will never be the same.

Sounds like something you’ll be into? Grab your earphones and check it out here.

Meanwhile, if you want to tighten up your budget ahead of Christmas (including the weekly grocery shop) check out Mozo’s budget calculator.

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