Why isn’t there an Aussie dollar emoji?

Why isn’t there an Aussie dollar emoji?

Here at She’s On The Money, I’m all about asking the tough questions. Really getting to the heart of pressing personal finance issues through the hard slog of investigative journalism is my bread and butter. Well-planned science experiments are my jam. Commentary on current social trends is the cherry on top.

Which brings me to this:

Why is there no emoji to make it rain Aussie dollars?

This is a clear oversight by whatever silicon valley executive gets to decide which emojis grace our various screens for many reasons, including the fact that every other financial emoji available to personal finance bloggers down under is severely underwhelming.

Don’t believe me? Observe:

The money mouth face: ?

Juvenile, inappropriate for my style of hard-hitting journalism. 3/10.

Stacks of various other currencies: ? ? ? ?

Useful only when talking about travel, foreign exchange, or when you don’t look to close. 4/10.

Exchange type symbols: ??

See above, except less versatile. 2/10.

A Bank: ?

Looks like any other tall building. 3/10.

Flying money: ?

I use it all the time, but I’ll be honest: I don’t understand why it’s flying. I never have. 6/10.

Dollar sign: ?

Useful, but why wouldn’t I just type a $ on my keyboard? 6/10.

Purse: ?  

Looks like what my mum would carry. I love my mum. 7/10.

Sack of cash:?

Easily one of my faves. Makes me feel like a bank robber. 8/10.

Credit card & ATM sign: ? ?

Credit card specific, so not particularly versatile. Or exciting. 4/10.

As you can see, I am sorely in need of a better emoji with which to express my financial feelings. Besides, Aussie money is so pretty.

So who will take a stand in the face of this blatant discrimination against the humble Aussie pineapple? None other than the good people over at Greater Bank. And yours truly, naturally.

There’s currently a Greater Bank petition to get an Aussie dollar emoji up and running, so fight the good fight Aussie finance bloggers, and tell the Unicode Emoji Consortium that we want to be included.

(If we can make them invite us to Eurovision, surely we can force them to put us on iPhone keypads?)


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