Our biggest Valentine’s Day Money mistakes

We asked some Mozo staffers about the biggest money mistakes they’ve made when it comes to wining and dining on Valentine’s Day. Check out the video to find out where they went wrong!

Mistake #1

I once agreed to go on a first date on Valentine’s Day and decided to dress to impress by dropping some serious coin on a new outfit. As I was walking up to the restaurant, he called me to say he had changed his mind. Is it still considered a date even if he didn’t make it to the table?

Mistake #2

So, I misread the price tag on some roses – I thought it was for the whole bunch and so I ended up grabbing the whole lot of them. But it turned out it was per rose. I was young and I was pretty embarrassed by it, so I didn’t own up to the mistake, and ended up just paying for all of them. And best of all, it turns out, she doesn’t even like flowers.

Mistake #3

Last year I thought I was on to a real winner with the classic teddy bear and rose gift combo, I killed it. But leaving them both in the back of a taxi moments before the special date was an absolute budget breaker. Well, happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Cab Driver.

Have you made any big money mistakes on Valentine’s Day? Let us know your biggest financial stumble in the name of love below!

Our biggest Valentine’s Day Money mistakes was last modified: February 14, 2018 by Kelly Emmerton

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