Businesses increasingly adopting mobile internet services

Companies are increasingly adopting mobile internet services, a new study by Roy Morgan Research has confirmed.

It showed that 45 per cent of enterprises across the country now have access to online connections while on the move.

Organisations in the finance and insurance industry were deemed to be the most likely to take advantage of mobile broadband, with 56 per cent of firms in this sector already using such services.

Specialists in education and training, wholesale trade, information and telecommunications and mining also had above average uptake of mobile networks.

A large number of entrepreneurs like to use the web to access their bank accounts and the booming popularity of smartphones has made it easier for companies to keep track of their business loans while out and about.

Director of mobile, internet and technology at Roy Morgan Research Andrew Braun highlighted part of the study that showed larger organisations are more likely to adopt mobile broadband.

"Clearly Australian businesses are also seeing the benefit in mobile broadband Internet services, which enable access to the Internet on the move via a broadband mobile network," he remarked.

"With this advantage over fixed Internet, it is not surprising that businesses with a mobile workforce or mobile offices are using this type of service," Mr Braun added.

Australia is starting to invest in sophisticated 4G technology, which is the next generation of mobile broadband and Mr Braun believes this will encourage even more businesses to adopt super-fast internet connections.

Company owners are also accessing their finances via media tablet devices, it seems.

A separate study by Roy Morgan Research indicated that 284,000 Aussie firms now own or rent tablets.

With a bigger user interface, people are finding it far more convenient to make bank transactions from their office or while commuting.

At the moment, the Apple iPad is the most popular tablet in Australia, but researchers said that a growing number of businesspeople are utilising Android and Microsoft gadgets.

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