1 in 4 Australians would drive uninsured before catching public transport

A survey commissioned by insurance provider AAMI has revealed some shocking truths about what Australians prioritise their spending on.

The survey asked respondents what they would give up if they were unemployed for 18 months or more, covering 25 different scenarios from sport, health, family housing and lifestyle, reports the News Limited Network.

The report found Aussies would resort to some obscure behaviour in order to save a buck. One in four people would neglect car insurance and risk the $350 fine to save money and avoid public transport. Of those surveyed, Gen Y were the most irresponsible with 30 percent saying they would rather drive uninsured than use public transport.

Respondents also put a large weight on holidays, two out of three would choose to splash out $20,000 on an overseas jaunt rather their kids education. Three million Australians valued the suburb they lived in more than their health, 24 percent would rather 'Google' a remedy than see a doctor.

While respondents may not have valued their own health much, when it came to the family pet, one in three agreed they would spend $5000 on mending their 10 year old dog or cat's leg.

"The reaserach found a disconnect between what is most important to Australians and the level of protection we have for what we love in our life," said AAMI spokesman Reuben Aitchison. "Australians love of property is supported by these findings and shows that our 'castle' is more important to us than the schools our kids attend or whether our favourite sporting team wins on the weekend," he said.

It seems Australians will do anything to stay behind the wheel of their car and while skimping on car insurance is not recommended, those looking to reduce  the costs of their car loan can search a wide variety of providers to get a better deal on Mozo.

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