Hydrogen cars 'a lot like car loans'

While green-minded motorists may be keen on getting behind the wheel of a hydrogen vehicle, keeping the tank full can be as difficult as getting a car loan, it’s been claimed.

The Associated Press (AP) tech team have noted that while there are a bevy of environmental benefits to new green vehicles such as the Honda FCX Clarity, there are also many drawbacks that people should be aware of.

“As with any hydrogen car, there are caveats galore. Finding a hydrogen fueling station can be like getting a car loan with lousy credit these days,” the news agency said.

However, while it notes that it will be a number of years before they come into widespread use, the AP goes on to claim that the car will surely still appeal to many motorists who are looking for a fun and guilt-free ride.

Elsewhere, Sunday Mail money columnist Glenn Todman has advised young motorists that now is probably a good time to hunker down and get car loans and personal loan debts repaid, while major purchases should be put off for a year or two.ADNFCR-1761-ID-18839104-ADNFCR