Aussie men to outspend women in sales

Aussie men are set to spend more than their female counterparts in the New Year sales, it has been predicted.

With many sales kicking off on Boxing Day, a study by Lonergan Research has predicted that Australians will put $400 million worth of goods on their credit cards on the first day of the sales, the AAP reported.

This could encourage a number of Aussies to compare credit cards online in order to make sure they are getting the best deal to suit their financial needs.

According to the study, the average spend per person will work out at around $215.

However, the figure rises to £433 when related to male spending estimates, compared to women who are expected to shell out $281 each.

Vittoria Shortt, chief executive of BankWest Retail, which commissioned the research, told the news provider: "We all love the buzz of a bargain, but our research suggests many Australian shoppers may end up paying more for their bargains than they intend to.

"We're urging sale shoppers to get to know their interest rate. Choosing a card with a long-term low purchase rate means that a splurge in the sales can still represent good value even if the card holder chooses to pay this item off over a number of months."

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