Aussies 'confident they will make millions'

Credit card customers may be interested to learn that a recent study has found that Australians are more confident about their ability to make millions of dollars than their American and UK counterparts.

Dr Mark McGovern, economist at Queensland University of Technology, suggested that the job security enjoyed by the majority of people in the country contributed to this confidence, reports mX.

"We have an economy that is still growing and not many people are losing their jobs, so they are going to be pretty confident about the future," he stated.

Only 35 per cent of Australian respondents to a survey conducted by the Associated Press and CNBC said they felt it would be hard to be a millionaire.

However, Dr McGovern warned that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to take out loans and find money to invest in a business venture.

Credit cards may be an option for those who are searching for a short-term financial boost to help them with their enterprises.

However, earlier this month, single Aussies on a tight budget were urged not to overstretch their credit by finance author and financial planner Justine Davies, who told National Features that it is better to be realistic about what can be afforded.

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